Skin Care Tip – Have a Glass of Wine and Some Chocolate (No Joking!)

As if you needed a reason to savour a glass of vino: Red wine is stuffed with antioxidants that will help keep your skin healthy and balanced and protect against those pesky free radicals, so have a glass (note we said a glass, as in one.) Add in a side of dark chocolate sweetness to complete this regimen. We understand, we understand– everyone always states chocolate causes pimples. On that front, there’s no clinical evidence, so as much as we’re concerned, consume up! Dark delicious chocolate teems with anti-oxidants that help protect your skin, and consuming a small piece will certainly deliver all types of contented, satisfied feelings to your brain. Now go enjoy yourself!

Super Myth – Facial Excercises Keep Skin Taut

No, No, No!  On the contrary, the muscles you use when performing your facial exercises may actually contribute to wrinkled skin.  The more times you contract those muscles and crimp your skin in the exact same spot, the more those areas become permanently etched and wrinkled.  Here is some more bad news, facial exercises don’t help with “plumping” either.  The volume loss you experience as you age is caused by a decrease in collagen, elastin and fat none of which can be remedied with facial exercise.